3 Rules For a Better Beard

1. Let it Grow!

Too many times have we seen our friends try to grow out their beard, and then after the weekend they come back to class or work with a clean shaved face. They say, "IT GOT SO ITCHY I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" And next thing you know it's all gone.

Guys, you need to get past the itch phase. It can be the most irritating thing, but trust us. There is a bright light at the end of that tunnel. After about two weeks the itching will stop as your hairs get longer.

If it itches really badly, try using a beard oil on your skin. The natural oils will help moisturize the hairs as they grow and help get through the itch phase. 

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2. Clean up the Borders

The borders here are your cheeks and your neckline. As you let your beard grow, keep it looking sharp by cleaning up the edges around your beard. 

Cheeks: Use something straight (like a ruler or comb) and position it from the top of your ear to the middle spot where you upper and lower lips meet. Everything above that line, shave off. It will give your beard the best possible angle to match the shape of your face.

Neck: Rule of thumb, look straight into the mirror and put your index finger right above your adams apple. Shave everything below it.

3. Moisturize and Condition

Most guys really don't know what to do about this, but in order to moisturize and condition properly you need to wash your beard with a beard shampoo, use a beard oil, and as well as a beard balm. 

The Beard Shampoo will hydrate and protect your beard. The Beard Oil will lock in the hairs moisture while nourishing the hairs with natural oils. Finally, the Beard Balm will you give you a slight hold along with providing more natural ingredients to help condition the beard


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