4 Quick Tips for a Better Hairstyle

1. Use Conditioner At Least 1x Per Week

Guys, you need to start incorporating conditioner into your shower routine at least once per week.

Having this in your routine will help keep your hair moisturized and looking great!

Most guys skip this step, however it's really hurting the quality of your hair!

2. Don't Shampoo Your Hair Every Day!

Shampoo strips away all of the natural oils that your hair produces. Too much use of shampoo will lead to weak and brittle hair.

Use shampoo once every 3 days. It will give your hair enough time it needs to replenish all of its natural oils without it starting to look too greasy. 

3. Use a Pre-styler

Before you start styling your hair... you need to add a pre-styler to your hair routine.

A pre-styler helps give it that extra boost of volume and hold before you blow dry it or add other product in it

4. Invest In Higher Quality Products

Guys, you really need to start investing in higher quality products that you're using in your grooming routine.

Think of these products as an investment in yourself. Especially since you're putting grooming products on your face, hair, and body... it's worth it to spend an extra few bucks to make sure you are looking your best


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