5 Grooming Tips For Any Guy To Look Better

1. Show off that jawline!

The best way to do this is make sure your cheeks and neckline are properly trimmed up! 

Cheeks: Use something straight (like a ruler or comb) and position it from the top of your ear to the middle spot where you upper and lower lips meet. Everything above that line, shave off. It will give your beard the best possible angle to match the shape of your face.

NeckRule of thumb, look straight into the mirror and put your index finger right above your Adam's apple. Shave everything below it

2. Start using hair products

Add some serious volume and hold to your hairstyle. Don't just blow dry it to have to your awesome looking hair start to fall apart in the afternoon! Start getting some product in their as well to keep that look all day long. Check out using a Pomade or a Texture Paste.

3. Make your hair look thicker

Stop getting your hair wet in a hot shower! The hot water makes the hair weak and more brittle, causing it to look naturally thinner. Let those natural oils stay in your hair to give off the impression of thick luscious hair. 

4. Clean up the back of your neck

Nothing is worse than having the hairline on your neck get all out of wack in between haircuts. Sometimes the world just hates us and the hair there grows quicker than it should. Have a friend, roommate, or significant other clean it up so it follows the natural flow of your hair to keep you looking clean cut until you see your barber next.

4. Make sure your sideburns are looking good

You need to make sure whenever you trim your sideburns, to make sure the bottom flows at an angle that compliments your jawline. Stop cutting your sideburns off straight across. Having properly maintained sideburns will help you looking your best and add a nice frame for your face



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