5 Tips to a Well-Groomed Man

1. Shave The Back of Your Neck

This is the secret to looking sharp while slacking on getting a haircut. It's all about lines and symmetry, and those stubborn neck hairs will throw off that look making you look more rugged.

Just use a mirror or have a buddy do it for you! Takes 30 seconds and it makes you look 10x better!

2. Wear Cologne

Every guy needs to wear cologne. Attraction deals mostly with smells, so invest some money into a nice scent that you personally like, and watch how many people start to compliment you

3. Cut Your Nails

One of the biggest turn-offs from a girl is when they notice a guy having long nails. It plainly just looks bad and it sends a signal to them that you don't care. And yes, it's the smallest thing, but girls know if you don't care about the small things, you won't care about the big important things either.

4. Moisturize

Don't walk around with dry skin or flakes everywhere. Moisturizing makes your skin look healthy and smooth along with actually being super beneficial for you! Do not skip out on this!

5. Invest in High Quality Products

You need to start investing into your self. As soon as you start doing this, you will feel so good about yourself and will really see the difference!


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