How Guys Can Get Amazing Hair!

1. Dry You Hair Gently

Stop aggressively drying your hair after the shower.

Your hair is very delicate (especially after being wet)

Pat dry it thoroughly and you will see a difference in the quality of your hair!

2. DO NOT Dye or Bleach Your Hair

Bleaching and dying your hair regularly deteriorates your hair!

It removes all of the natural oils produced in your hair and it weakens the hair!

Love your natural color, just the way you are!

3. Get a Haircut Regularly

Guys, stop letting your hair grow out too long before going to get it cut!

A good tip is to make your next haircut appointment as soon as you're done getting your hair cut at the barbershop. That way you are already set and ready to go!

No more gross neck hair!

4. Use The Right Products

You should be using a Pre-Styler to prep your hair before either blow drying it or styling it.

Then you should be using some sort of volumizing product to help boost the hairs height!

The last step in a hair routine is to use a paste (preferably texture paste) to give your hair a hold, while maintaining a natural hold look!


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