Quick Hacks For a Fuller and Better Looking Beard

Use a Beard Shampoo

This is truly the only correct way to clean your beard. Too many guys are going through their routine by either just rinsing their beards with water or using shampoo made for their head.

Your beard hair is completely different than the hairs on your head and requires different care. It needs it's own type of shampoo!

Start using it to give your beard a more lively look!

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Shave Your Neck!

Don't just trim your cheeks and your neck with a trimmer.

You should be shaving these areas. 

Shaving will last longer than just trimming the area and it will look A LOT cleaner, with a cleaned up neck it will highlight the natural angles of your beard giving you a look with a more defined jaw.

Get a Beard Oil

Start using a beard oil to replenish all of those natural oils you need to keep your beard healthy and looking more full.

By taking care of those oils it will drastically change how your beard looks and the quality of how your beard feels!

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Start Styling With a Beard Balm

Stop using a beard comb or a beard brush. Overusing those products can really damage your facial hair and make the hairs become brittle.

Honestly, you really only need your hands and some Beard Balm to the job done.

Use a Beard Balm to style your beard how you want and to be able to guide your facial hairs in the direction you want to create a great angle and smooth texture.

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