The 3 Most Common Issues With Having A Beard

1. Itchiness

Beard itch is one of the most common complaints someone has while they are trying to grow out their bead. This is caused by the ends of the new hairs rubbing against the skin and causing irritation. Itchiness can also happen in guys who have a beard, but decide to not treat it properly.

Our Solution:

Focus on Beard Care! Get a beard oil with natural ingredients and oils in it to moisturize your beard hairs and your skin. By treating your beard with proper moisturizing it will help reduce skin irritation, while making your skin smoother and your beard hairs much softer.

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2. Beard Dandruff

Think of this just like your scalp. They are both prone to flakiness, and instead of normal dandruff you have beard dandruff. Beard Dandruff sucks because most guys won't notice it until it is already on their shirt. This can be extremely embarrassing for some people to have and really make guys self-conscious about how they look. 

Our Solution:

Stop washing your beard with hot water. It damages your hair and dries out your skin! Instead, try our industry first No-Rinse Beard Shampoo. It's used to clean, protect, and hydrate your beard without stripping away your skin's essential oils, while conditioning your beard as well. All it takes is 1-2 pumps and no rinse needed!

Try this out: Bold Grooming's No-Rinse Beard Shampoo

3. Brittle Hair

Your beard hairs can become brittle and weak when you brush and comb it very often, and when your beard becomes dry. When this happens, your beard loses all of it's moisture and it starts to look/feel rough and prickly. Trust us, no one wants to feel that.

Our Solution:

Use a beard balm with natural oils! The natural oils will help strengthen the hairs and bring the moisture back in place. Using a beard balm will help give a light hold and control of how your beard looks without the need of a brush or comb!

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