The 6 Do's and Don't For a Better Beard


1. Trim it regularly

Trim your beard once you notice it starting to lose it's defined shape. For some guys it's 2x a week, and for others it's once every 3 weeks. Whenever that time comes, make sure you trim it up. It helps maintain the shape and style of your beard, especially getting rid of the hairs that randomly stick out.


2. Wash it

Get a beard shampoo. Washing your beard helps to clean and hydrate it. Many guys skip this step, but this is one of the most important phases for having a better beard. Not only does a beard shampoo help out your beard hairs, but it also helps clean the skin under your beard as well!

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3. Moisturize it

Having a beard and not moisturizing it should be a crime. It's just like your skin, if you don't moisturize it will become dry and itchy. The same applies to your beard. Beards need to be kept moisturized with a beard oil so that the hairs a can get the oils they need to stay looking soft and fuller. Using a beard oil also helps moisturize the skin below the hairs and eliminates beard dandruff, itchiness, and brittle hairs.

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1. Trim your neckline too high

Trimming your neckline too high can give off the look of a double chin. The sweet spot is to trim your neckline from right above your Adam's apple. Anything too low will give off horrible "neck-beard" vibes, and anything above will give off "double-chin vibes". However, it's best to start low and work your way up the neck so you don't take too much off at once!

2. Play with your beard

People say don't touch your face because of the dirt on your hands getting into the pores on your skin. The same rules apply to beards as well. The more you touch your beard, the more unwanted oils you'll be putting on your beard and the more unwanted dirt will also be getting in your beard. Avoid touching your face for healthier skin and a healthier beard.

3. Dye your beard

Do not dye your beard. Whether it's to change the color a bit, or trying to falsely fill in the bald/patchy sports. Do not do it. It is extremely noticeable and people will be able to point it out super easy, especially if you do it out of the blue. Take the time to properly trim and care for your beard so the bald/patchy spots fill in on their own.


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