The Best Beard Styles For Your Face Structure

There are 4 basic shapes to a guy's face: square, round, oval, and rectangle. Choose a beard style that best accents your facial structure to have you looking your best.

Square: Your advantage is your super tough jawline! SHOW IT OFF

Keep your beard shorter on the sides and keep it more full around the chin to show off your perfect jawline like the god you are.

Round: Sadly these guys are at a disadvantage with a less naturally structured face.

NO WORRIES! Here's what to do.

You need to create depth with your beard. Try "fading" your beard. Use 3 settings. The shortest setting for your sides, a medium setting for the middle and the longest setting for your chin/mustache area.

Oval: The most universal face shape

You are extremely lucky if you have an oval face because you can rock any style because you have the most ideal face structure for beards.

Go crazy! Go wild! And Be Bold with any style you rock!

Rectangle: Your advantage is how long your face is.

Use the length/height of your face to your advantage!

For this facial structure, try using a style that is shorter on the bottom near your chin/mustache area and longer on the sides.

Having this type of depth in your beard is to showcase that beautiful jawline you got there!


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