Top Tips For Better Hairstyling

1. Use a Pre-Styler

Using sea-salt spray to pre-style your hair will set it up to be blow dryed. 

The sea-salt spray will give your hair the slightest setting it needs to be ready to be styled

2. Get Something To Add Volume

A great tool to have in your arsenal is some volumizing dust. You only need a little bit to give you the extra volume you're looking for.

Especially after using shampoo and conditioner, it is a great way to get your hair to stand up and stand out!

3. Add Something To Give Your Hair a Hold

Guys you really don't need something to make your hair super stiff. All you need is something light, such as Texture Paste (or any hair product with the word "paste"). 

Pomades are usually too light, and gels make your hair way too hard. Using a texture paste is the "Goldilocks secret", right in the middle.

You can add/subtract the sea-salt spray or volumizing dust to help give you the desired hold and style you want! Don't be afraid to play around with it all to give you the best hairstyle!


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